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Hydrocele in the Adult Male

Hydrocele is a . It occurs when abdominal fluid builds up in the groin or in the scrotum near the testicles. This could happen bec  a

When Is a Hydrocele Treated?

Hydrocele often goes away by itself, . In some cases, though, surgery is needed. The hydrocele will be treated if:

  • The amount of fluid increases, making the scrotum large and firm.

  • The fluid isn’t absorbed within the baby’s first 6 months of life.

  • The baby also has a hernia (loop of bowel) extending into the same area.

What Are the Long-Term Effects?

After the hydrocele goes away or is treated, lasting problems are rare.

Signs of a Problem

If you see any of these signs, alert your  doctor or nurse:

  • The hydrocele gets bigger.

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